You already know, why everybody hates your Instagram stories. Today, we will learn, how to make everybody eager to see them and enjoy.

#Content. Think about everything, what interests you and put it into your stories. If you are a private user, just share what you care about: useful books, life hacks, dinner recipes, exceptional movie, you watched yesterday. Don’t forget glimpses to your every day life: fine moments drinking coffee, inspirational outfit of the day, your dog’s pranks, etc. Remember – your stories must create value, whatever you are planing to post, decide, how people will benefit from that? It is not necessaraly  must be an educational, serious or inspirational content, sometimes it is enough to make someone smile, so entertain and be unpredictable.

If you are a brand, show what’s happening behind the scenes, how you create your product, what makes you so passionate about it. If you are making photo shoot for new items, display the backstage. Educate – tell, how your products and services make the life easier and happier. Announce challenges, create polls (and get useful info for future marketing), sales, give-aways, freebies. Make tutorials, show the unexpected ways to use your products. Present some user generated content. You know everything already. Work and be creative. It will take time, yet this process is captivating.

#Plan. So you have got your beautiful inspiring content. It is time to plan it ahead. Do not expect, that you will wake up every morning and create stories like a boss. Maybe. But do not rely on yourself. I know it does not happen every day. Believe me, I work as a marketing manager for years now. The content, posts, stories must be planned at least for a few days, better – two to four weeks ahead. In this way, communication will be strategic, whole, harmonic.

#Beautify. Now it is time to wrap all your stories into the alluring clothing. And this is possible using your creativity, imagination and some tools. If you are familiar with Photoshop or other professional editing programs – congrats! If not, we will use some online apps:

This app has enormous amount of templates!

Life lapse
App will help you to create stop motion videos

I haven’t seen more user friendly, full of free templates app. What is more, it syncs your templates between phone and computer.

Will make your photos move!

This is a multi-track video editor, great for tutorials

Now you will be able to create your personal GIF’s!

InShot Video Editor
Working with video content? Edit, filter, trim and fascinate followers.

Yes, we still use it!

Spark Post
I find it amazing for advertisements.


I wish you an amazing journey towards interesting story telling! Be patient, and remember – this must be fun!