Ok, I want to be like everybody else, so I will create an Instagram account. Cool, it’s done. Now what? Oh, only square images here? Uh, ok. What about links to my web pages or e-shops? What? I can put the clickable link only in bio? That’s unusual. And what about events? Can’t I create them in Insta? No games? Memes? Groups? And you say, that this ton of hashtags I’ve put into Facebook post is needless?
Do those questions occur in your head sometimes? Or maybe you can hear somebody asking them? It’s normal: a lot of people do not know the distinction between Fb & Insta and usually try to find some analogies, because they think that those platfroms are the same.
True, Facebook owns Instagram, though they are very VERY different!

Today, let’s look into both platforms and define their differences and similarities.

Often, my clients ask, should they be marketing in Facebook or Instagram, or maybe – both? You will find the answer at the end of the blog post.

#Visual messages. Firstly, Instagram is all about visuals: arts, photos, paintings, digital art, travel and food content, graphics. People come here to look at the images, which itself are convincing messages. Instagram is not about long texts and never ending captions of wisdom, which every other follower avoids to read.
#Simplicity. Instagram is clean and bright: it is simple enough to show you visually structured timeline. Meanwhile Facebook is so cluttered: front page is overloaded, its’ timeline – filled with stories, ads, side bars, banners, chat windows, events, shortcuts, birthday reminders, etc. Instagram is obviosuly simpler and designed to drive your attention to visually inspiring content.
#Clutter. Yes there are a lot of users, who still put their non-quality everyday photos, quotes, or long captions to Instagram. They even re-share memes, google photos or old crapy funnies from Facebook or Reddit to their Insta feed. They do so, because they just do not get, what Insta is about. And it doesn’t work for them. Good luck. End of story.
Accoring to Facebook Business, people turn to Facebook to discover news about their friends and family. Though they choose Instagram for  inspiration on housing, lifestyle, fitness, food, fashion and recipes. On Instagram, people follow celebrities, DIY’s and are visually transported to new places. Both millenials and Generation Z more likely follow content related to fashion, beauty and interior design on Instagram than on Facebook.
#Hashtags. Instagram is about hashtags, because they are the keywords, important for the search fields. Facebook doesn’t work this way, so don’t over do it. You do not need hashtags in you Facebook posts. (Life hack: if you are reposting the image from Instagram to Facebook, put all your hashtags into the Instagram’s comment section. In such way, they will not appear in Facebook post and won’t annoy the follower.


#Generation Z. I have written before, that Generation Z prefers Instagram and Snapchat to Facebook, which is considered “the platform of ancestors”. According to www.deadline.com, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have emerged as the most popular online hangouts for U.S. teens, surpassing the once-dominant Facebook. We must keep this in mind and step by step transfer attention to platforms used by the near future client.
#Competitors. Instagram is growing faster than Facebook’s core app. Instagram is adding 300 million active users each month and already celebrates 1 billion active users. Advertisers see four times as much engagement on Instagram as on Facebook. (www.businessinsider.com)

NOT TRUE anymore!!!  Market of influencers is growing every year, and they receive considerable  paychecks for the job.
#Advertising. Advertising has realy captured Instagram. Almost every brand has an Insta account and they do their best creating captivating stories and posts (sponsored ads). According to socialmediatoday.com, 75 % users reportedly visited a web or made a puchase after seeing an Instagram ad. Yet, Facebook’s paid advertising is still quite effective and it’s able to reach older groups than Instagram. Facebook is also a better gateway to external sites or online stores because you can post links to anywhere. For the time being, Facebook is still relevant for marketing. (www.99designs.com).
#Stories. Both platforms use Stories as a fast growing and promising way to engage with audience and expose real time happenings. I cannot stress enough the importance of this tool on both channels. Stories has everything: authenticity, unexpectedness, interesting visual (video) content, story telling.
You can re-share content form one platform to another, and I often see people/brands doing this. Yes, in such a way, you save some time and – at first glance – uploading one post, reach followers of both platforms. On the other hand, taking to the account, what was said above, we must consider our target group, ideal client and the motivation, which brings user to one or another platform.
Create useful, educational, marvelous posts efficiently. Understand the particular interests, needs and expectations of two communities and experiment. Generate Big ideas, costumize your feeds. Always, ALWAYS deliver to your audience exactly want they want and stay true to yourself. Finally, with 400 million daily active users and an astronomical growth rate, go where your users are and don’t be a marketing dinosaur!
Here are some appealing accounts to watch and get inspired. Minimalistic, maximalistic, palette, ultra colorful and saturated aesthetics. Personaly, I find them really beautiful and authentic.
Notice that inventive users are playing with various borders, image sizes, leaving empty posts or incorporating slogans or quotes.
Fashion, art, graphics, food, travel, photography, weddings, lifestyle, decoration and interior. Oh my, everybody is living under creative and delightful Instagram’s roof. I hope you will get inspired too!!!