Do you make to-do lists and weekly tasks? Do you find useful putting various business meetings, assignments to your (google) calendar? I love it! It helps me to stay organized and to make everything on time. In my Google calendar you would find everything: online meetings with clients, tasks and things I have to do, deadlines for various invoices, bill payments, appointments to doctors, hairdressers, courses I have to take. I even put such things like expiration of contracts. And that is not all! This may be funny, but in my calendar you would find timings for friends calls – yes, living abroad, I plan even such things like chatting to my besties. I plan those things, because we all know: don’t plan and it probably won’t even happen.

By the way – I believe you know that, but just in case I will remind you – to-do lists do not work!!! Avoid writing tasks on post-it notes, in Google keep or wherever. You need a calendar and exact task accomplishing date,
deadlines, every detail of it. In such case, every day, by opening the calendar you can clearly see, what you have to do and by then. If you are a badass maybe you will even finish tomorrows tasks!

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Ok, back to the topic – I wanted to tell you one thing we will never find in people’s calendars and to-do lists, and that’s a pity. This one thing is SELF TIME. Uh-huh! Show me a human, in whose calendar we would find “Time for myself” among all those business calls, obligations and very important things.

There are no such humans. they are extinct. Nevertheless we will correct this in a minutes, trust me. Uh, do I do that? Of course – not. So now we will do it together.

First of all, why I am sure, we all need this in our calendars? Because we are used to put into them everythting of high importance. Everything, what we are afraid to forget or fail to finish. It’s normal – we are responsible adults. So the task calendar is quickly filled with those to-do’s and then, when we reach the grand finale, we are ready to meet ourselves. But wait a minute – it occurs to me that we ourselves are not very important persons at all…. do you think this is ok? Are you happy with that? Besides, to be honest, how much time is it really left in the end? Almost – none! Do you relate with that? Let’s alter that!

Please now open your calendar and find the nearest Sunday. Or Monday. Thursay will do too. Straightaway dedicate 2-4 hours on that day only to you. Name it a “meetting of high importance”, “my romantic date”, whatever works for you. Make sure to put a reminder. What is more, this must be an every weeks’ tradition and this appointment you cannot cancel postpone or cheat on it.

What to do on the scheduled day?
Do everything you like! Do not work or clean the house. Do not try to tie loose ends. This time is not about it. It is about you, so:

#Dive into your hobby
#Go for a walk
#Read a book or magazine
#Watch a movie
#Write a diary
#Create a collage of dreams
#Do yoga or any other physical training
#Do any beauty care, especially if it is pleasant for you.

#Make yourself a comforting hot drink and watch the sky. Meditate.
#Listen to the music. Do you know how? Play the whole album or same style and listen without doing anything else. Enjoy inspiring podcast.
#Chat with your friend or your mother over the cup of tea.
#Play video games! (I wrote this, because I know my partner will definetely like it!)
Avoid using internet, if it is possible – switch off the mobile phone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, folks! Let me know what you are doing during your self time and please, please nourish yourself with quality and easy, slow hours. I promise, you will feel the difference!