Can you guess how many times I have told my clients start using Instagram and Facebook stories? Hundreds. During every course and consultation I remind the manager of the brand to create stories and communicate live and organic content. And what I usually hear?
“Ooh, I don’t like Facebook or Instagram stories!”. People often claim that they are uninteresting, cluttered, noisy, low quality and literally the place for teenager’s show off.
In one way, my clients are totally right. Scrolling through stories, one can see a lot of irrelevant, creative-less, spammy content. And yes, I hate all those Now-I-walk-down-the-street-and-talk-to-the-camera stories. I always swipe them. The street noise, video shaking, charmless talking  – it is so annoying, oh my god.

So today we are not talking about such stories. I wanted to talk about the stories, which are interesting, uplifting, educating, funny, beautiful, inspiring to create. I will share with you examples of brands’ accounts, influencers, artists, creators – you will see that following the right profiles is a game changer. I invite you to understand the power of stories: ability to share live, authentic, user generated, interesting content. Let’s take a look at some appealing stories:

Guys, so what can we see here? Some stories are basically pieces of art!! Others are inspirational quotes, wrapped into the elegantly made design. Fashion items. food prep, flat lay photos, educational content, useful advices on the brand’s topic, challenges, polls, stickers, countdowns, pre-made wallpapers (yes, you can make a screen shot and use them as your phone wallpaper!), user generated content, presented without losing brand’s character. What is more – music suggestions, phone screen shots with funny dialogs or chat windows, short poems, thoughts of the day, captivating give-aways. And the most important – I did not mention or present the stories with videos, gifs, moving images, animated content. They all are amazing and facinating,  just go and check! This is the list of some of my favorite Instagram profiles:

@yoga journal


So who you follow, matters in the end, huh? 🙂

Among those screen shots you see stories of the profiles mentioned above. Some of the stories are created by me. Can you find them? It will not be easy, because my motto is: the more unpredictable the better. That is why I like to play with various templates, colors, styles, fonts. the content is always unexpected: food and serving, artsy flat lays, collages, snowboarding reality, travel pictures, favorite quotes, fragment of the book, music inspo, social media communication tips, new blog posts. Follow me on Instagram

How am I creating outstanding stories? Using various apps and imagination! Next time I will post a list of useful apps for you  to finally create amazing stories everybody will love.