Hello! I am Julija Minajeva. I learn to live a mindful, conscious, interesting and slow life. I search for happiness in everyday life and do everything in order to deliver value to the world. This is why I:

– do not have a “normal” job and everyday is the same adventure. I am not waiting for the Friday and I am not scared of Mondays anymore.

– do not have a permanent home, I live as a freelancer’s life and travel a lot.

– am a social media communication specialist, consultant and coach. I choose only interesting projects, in which I strongly believe.

– wake up everyday at 6.30 (same – on weekends).

– am vegeterian.

– do not consume alcohol and narcotics.

– exercise everyday.

– ask myself “why”? and check, if I am on my path.

In this blog I share my freelancer’s life experience, snowboarding adventures and communication tips. Also, here you will find my visual stories and pictures. Mindful life is not easy: it is full of uncomfortable, challenges, the one has to be very open with thyself and others, one has to work in a relationships and to make hard choices.  I know one thing – it is worth to live consciously: the life becomes more transparent, sincere and truthful. I feel that I feel and hear myself better, then I can live slower and happier.