One of the greatest values fo me – Freedom. I mean, freedom to be myself, to feel it physically, to fly, to enjoy the power of it. This is why I like speed, open spaces and strong wind, blowing into my face.

Few years ago I have learned to snowboard and since then winter is the new summer! Snow, mountains, sun and good company…
At the moment I live in Georgia’s skiing resort Gudauri, where I work as a yoga instructor and fully enjoy the mountains. I invite you to come, meet and experience snowboarding together!

And during the summer? Oh, in the summertime I learn to longboard and sup-board. It is scary, though. But what can I do? I convince myself that the will to learn is bigger then fear. Be scared, and do it anyway.

I believe that in the future I will try to surf, kiteboard. I dream to live in surf camps and curb the waves. Mostly this is all about overcoming myself.

Doing all those extremes sports I feel free and independent. I live in the joy. I experience here and now. I learn a lot about myself. I know myself better. What is more – this kind of an activity is a guarantee so spend a lot of time in the nature, exercise and to meet new interesting people.