Since I have started online self branding and social media communication courses, I am more and more interested in the client and target groups we are selling to. One of the most interesting and youngest client, coming to the market is Generation Z. Those are the youngtsters, no older than 23 years. It is obvious that at the moment they ar finishing universities and/or starting businesses. Most of them are already buying and will do this even more. In norder to sell to them and get noticed, we, older brands, must understand their scheme of behavior, wishes, habits, attitudes.

Let’s start from the begining. Who are they and what they do:
#Born in between 1995 and 2010, so now they are 9-23 years old.
#Raised with internet and hardly understand living without it.
#Avoid commercials and advertising, so in order to protect themselves, they use addblockers, even on the mobile phones. Yes, they do not see your carefully created banners, side column sponsored posters or pop-up windows.  Advertisments associate non-authenticity to them, they do not trust ads and usually don’t pay attention.
#Use smartphones more than computers or laptops.
#Choose Youtube, Netflix over TV. Even here – no commercials and everything at convenient time.

#Embrace Instagram, Snapchat & Youtube. Facebook is considered as an out-fashioned, out-dated platform of ancestors.
#Naturally born entrepreneurs and business oriented people. While choosing what to study, they look for psychology, business management studies and courses.
#Willing to learn, improve and adapt constantly – no wonder: they experience the everyday tech/gadgets/apps changes.
#Perfectly know how to find any info on the inernet and consider themselves as an “always online generation”.

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How to get to Gen Z and make them your client?

#Mobile marketing. Your websites and campaigns should be mobile friendly.
#Produce videos. Short Instagram stories, posts, GIF’s, everything eye-catchy and interacting, edgy, colorful – go for it! They will adore that!
#Be clear and brief. This generation holds its attention for 11 seconds only, you do not have a time for long texts, intros. Go straight to the point and be creative.
#Visual displays. Have I mentioned videos already? Moreover, design innovative, progressive, modern, unexpected visuals, be original.

Gen Z won’t understand this picture, but it doesn’t matter. The article is about them, not for them. Author of the pic: Monika Pranckaitytė

#Storytelling. I cannot stress enough the importance of story telling. I have already written a lot about it. Good, convincing, interesting message can and will make a difference. Talk about the creation of your product, manifest your values,
#Positive and uplifting promotion. This generation is all about changing the world or at least creating great value for it. Be a part of it, Offer products or services, which represents wanted lifestyle, helping to improve oneself or way of living, working. Remind your clients, how your product or service helps to create better versions of themselves and avoid straight forward selling.

#Authenticity, uniqueness, creativity, shareability and recognition. Those are great values for Generation Z. They look for creative and out-standing solutions. They are trying to stand out themselves.

#Transparancy. The rising amount of influencers, micro influencers show that new Z’s do not trust huge and well known brands, they look for simplicity and choose to listen to their generation’s authorities.  That is why it is predicted that 2019’s will bring even more authentic and bold influencers.

#Quantity is dying. Seriosuly, we have reached the point when the amount of Instagram followers is more of a disadvantage. The more followers you’ve got, the bigger brand you are, hence – you will not be trusted. Paradoxically, global brands already started reorganizing social media accounts: they decompose them or create narrower, niche-specified, differentiated accounts to look smaller and more trustworthy, therefore – closer to client.
#Personal branding. This is a natural outcome of what was said above. Researching the market and Gen Z’s behaviour, it is getting obvious that if you are willing to be heard and understood, you have to brand yourself and integrate your persona into your products or services. You have to become your brand or you will need a person to do this for you. Make sure that this persona is bold, transparent, genuine. Don’t try to fake anything here – the key is to stay yourself and to build the brand and sales on sincerity. Need help here? I have an online courses, consult individually and help people to define themselves and to speak with their audience the right language. Just write me a message.
Remember: you do not have to be perfect, filtered or beautified. Your uniqueness and imperfection are your greatest allies.

You know, personally I think that Gen Z’s are really attractive, interesting, inspiring people – seeking simplicity, yet creativity, originality and affection, praising truthfulness and willing to make a world a happier, better place. It is easy to hate them for the narcisism or no-life’ing, however, let’s stay positive and create interesting, valuable, inspiring lifestyles, worth posting and marketing, ok ?:)

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I hope that this article will help to understand the future of marketing better. If you feel that we could go deeper and work individually, I am at your service.