I know, I know, a lot of people call that resolution idea cheesy and self deceiving, because many forget about them on the second week of January. Or I often hear people saying: don’t wait for New Year to make changes, implement new habits, etc. This is absolutely true. But not for me. I have looked over my last years’ resolutions and I should admit that I AM A Doer. I have and idea and I start implementing it. No, not every idea leads to success, therefore, I always start and observe, what happens and how i feel about it. I do. I choose to try. Always. That is why you see and know  a lot about me and my accomplishments. So, if you do not have any resolutions for 2019’s, at least try to say Yes more often and accept adventures coming to your life.

#English. Probably you have noticed that something has changed already. Yes, my blog has totally transformed to english language. I was resisting this idea for a half a year and finally made it a resolution. So this is it – now it is available only in english. The thing is that I am living an international life and as many of you know – travel a lot, make friends on the go and show them my public diary – blog. My Lithuanian followers, please try to translate it online or …. just call me anytime, We can talk and chat about the things – this will be even better!
#Blog. I am planning to make some amendments to my webpage. I feel I want something new here. No worries, I will keep it simple, minimal and bright.

#Vlog. As a lot of things in my life happening organically – this happened too. While travelling and living abroad, I was used to writing long and interesting letters to my closest friends. I love to share some really intimate things with them – they are my supporters and my dream team. Lately, I have changed this – in order to save some time and to keep it simple, I started to make them video letters – vlogs about my life. And what do you think – my friends are encouraging me to make those vlogs public and to share more of everyday life or interesting topics in video format. No need to say, I was fighting this idea too – I know it will take a lot time, energy and effort – still I promised to try and go for it. So the first video will be available for you this month.

#Self branding video course. After starting making social media marketing and self branding online courses, I feel like there are more opportunities in this field. So I decided to film an online course and strart selling it online. Can’t wait for this new experience!


Ok, those were resolutions for professional skills, and now let’s head into something more adventurous.

#Snowboarding. Yes, I am snowboarding for a few years, and now, since I am living in a ski resort Gudauri (Georgia), I am really serious about significantly improving my skills. I am willing to learn freeride and carving. I know, you snowboarders will evaluate that!

#YogaSnowCamp. A lot of my friends and followers had already visited my Yoga Camps in Crete. As we love snowboarding a lot, we are dreaming to implement our know-how into Yoga snow camps. Those will be filled with snowboarding lessons, yoga, meditation, mindful living, what is more – camps are alcohol and cigarettes free. I am willing to create some wonderful evening programs and activities for a community. It is all about community. I want to create splendid holiday experience for like-minded people.

#Surfing. I am so afraid of doing that! Really, I am afraid of water and I am scared that I won’t succeed. I choose to ignore those mind stories and this year we will head to some nice place, will find a surfing camp for a month and learn surfing. Guys do you have any recommendations?
#Vanity fair. I dream about getting interviewed for some lifestyle magazines, radio programs, podcasts. I really feel I have some things to share about my life style, choices I make, values I have. I believe that my story is a great inspiration for those who still doubt. For those, who still lead the life they don’t love. So, it is not actually so vain, right? Dear friends, if you know anybody, who is related to media and could be interested in interviewing me, please let me know! 🙂

I am sure that the year will bring more of a travelling and the projects I don’t even know about yet. It happens all the time. So I don’t even care to plan every bit of the year. Do you relate to that? By the way, I have one resolution, which is secret at the moment. It is a very personal thing on the to-do list – be patient: I will let you know soon!