It all has started, when I was working as a lawyer “8 to 5” job in Vilnius. I was really stressed by then and did not feel any pleasure or meaning there. Though everyday day during my lunch breaks as I was strolling banks of the river Neris, I was dreaming about different way of living: I wanted to be self employed, independent, free from the living place.
Of course, I left the job. And I went nowhere. When you drop yourself into the unknown, magic things start to happen: I received various offers, tried interesting positions and took part in uncommon projects – yes, those were the freestyle and freelance posititions.
Today I am a self-employed freelancer – social media communication coach, consultant, yoga teacher (at the events, yoga camps, festivals, beaches). I travel the world and enjoy freedom and slow lifestyle.
Though, slow living is not only about freelancing or  not having a job. Everybody can experience it and to live it fully. Because slow lifestyle is: slow breakfast, observing the window view, chatting with a loved one or scrolling the magazine. Slow traveling without planning, also it is a decision to spend all day in bed and listen to new music albums or to rain. It is slow and comfy dinner making watching the sea through the window. it is a self permission  to do want you want here and now.

When I live slowly, I am able to filter things that do not serve me, hear myself better and check, if I am happy at this very  moment. Slow living always reminds to be mindful, thankful and truthful.